NVGF Supports Chinese Football Boys at Marveld Tournament with Integrated Physiotherapy Rehabilitation


From June 7 to 9, 2024, the Marveld Tournament in the Netherlands saw the Chinese Football Boys make their debut, achieving an impressive eighth-place finish. NVGF and Tong Ren Clinic from Den Haag provided essential physiotherapy and rehabilitation support throughout the event, ensuring the young athletes performed at their best.

The Marveld Tournament, organized by football club Grol, is a prestigious international youth football competition featuring Under-15 teams from top European clubs and beyond. This year, teams from Ajax, FC Barcelona, Manchester United, and more competed, offering a high level of play and exposure for the Chinese Football Boys.

NVGF and Tong Ren Clinic's involvement underscores the importance of professional rehabilitation in youth sports. Their commitment to the Chinese Football Boys' health and performance marks a promising step in the development of Chinese football talent on the global stage.