NVGF Researcher Participates in 2024 International Pain Research Conference in Las Vegas, USA


From May 16 to May 18, the 2024 International Pain Research Conference was successfully held at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, USA. The event was attended by leading researchers and experts in pain management worldwide. Researcher Yijun Li, representing NVGF, presented the second phase of the collaborative research between China and the Netherlands, following the initial phase shared at the Maastricht International Pain Research Conference in October 2022.

Yijun Li's presentation highlighted the advancements in chronic pain research and emphasised the importance of international cooperation and cultural adaptation. The innovative methodologies and findings from the joint research received attention and praise from conference attendees.

Throughout the conference, Yijun Li engaged in discussions with researchers from various countries, fostering an exchange of ideas and strategies for future pain management research. This interaction enriched the conference experience and paved the way for potential future collaborations, underscoring the global commitment to improving patient outcomes through  innovation, inter- and multidisciplinary cooperation and cultural adaptation.