NVGF and Dutch expats visit Traditional Chinese Medicine hospital in Jiangsu


China and the Netherlands celebrate a 30 years of sister-city ties between Jiangsu Province (China) and the province of North Brabant (the Netherlands) in 2024. 

In April 2024, a small delegation from the Netherlands coordinated by NVGF, visited the Jiangsu Coastal Rehabilitation Hospital to learn how combining Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with modern health practices can improve health. Events like these enhance international relations and promoting the exchange of knowledge in culture, health, and wellness.

During the visit of the Dutch delegation, which included Mr. Peng Gao (co-founder of NVGF) and Dutch expats Mr. James Allen Scharfer and Mr. Kosmas Navrouzoglou, experienced the hospital's unique approach to healthcare. The delegation toured the health management center and TCM clinic, learning about various treatments like tuina therapy and moxibustion.

The visit showcased innovative therapies like the hospital's innovative sand therapy, which impressed the visitors. The exchange of gifts, knowledge and experience during this visit symbolised the willingness of friendship between cultures. 

Reflecting on the visit, Mr. Scharfer spoke highly of the hospital's services and the beautiful environment, expressing hope for future collaborations and the introduction of TCM practices in the Netherlands. This visit strengthened the bond between Jiangsu and North Brabant Provinces and paved the way for future health projects together.